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In Rome in Via della Gensola, in the heart of Trastevere, we have restored an ancient “building” of the 1600s and we have completely used it as apartments, to offer those who stay there an unforgettable holiday.

Located between Vicolo della Luce and Piazza in Piscinula, Via della Gensola is one of the oldest streets in Trastevere. Already at the end of the fifteenth century, traces of it can be found in various official documents, in the nineteenth century the Via and the tavern of the same name became a meeting place for artists.

The Danish painter Ditlev Blunck who went down to Rome, as well as other artists from northern Europe, to admire and study the wonders of the capital, immortalized the Osteria della Gensola in a painting now exhibited in the Copenhagen museum. The silence and the charm of these alleys and squares still remain the same today:
“La Gensola Apartments, a dream vacation in the heart of Trastevere in Rome”

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